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The Aurae project calls out general rules for how all daemons (including auraed itself) should respond to various POSIX signals.

The auraed daemon will proxy signals sent to nested cells and nested auraed instances.

Signal Value Proxy Description
SIGKILL 9 SIGKILL The most destructive signal. Will immediately kill auraed.
SIGHUP 1 SIGHUP Sent when a controlling shell, or TTY is closed. Used to reload auraed and reopen file descriptors.
SIGTERM 15 SIGTERM Used to tell a nested auraed it is time to "die nicely" and begin stopping workloads in the cache, and destroying nested resources.
SIGINT 2 SIGINT Ignored by auraed

Observe signals with auraed eBPF

aer observe get-posix-signals-stream