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Aurae Quickstart

Now that you have built Aurae from source you can begin using Aurae.

Running the Daemon

Aurae will run on any system, even if systemd or another init daemon is currently active.

sudo -E auraed

Writing your first AuraeScript

First create an executable script anywhere you like.

touch ~/hello.aurae
chmod +x ~/hello.aurae

Next add the following content.

#!/usr/bin/env auraescript

let aurae = connect();;

exec("echo 'Hello World!'").json();

You can now run your first AuraeScript.


Your output should be in valid JSON which should look similar to the following:

  "subject_common_name": "",
  "issuer_common_name": "",
  "sha256_fingerprint": "SHA256:7afa7cbf54dacf8368fd7407039594264c5bb22eaa7f8de5017af53f5ab240b0",
  "key_algorithm": "RSA"
  "meta": {
    "name": "echo 'Hello World!'",
    "message": "-"
  "proc": {
    "pid": 1428
  "status": 6,
  "stdout": "'Hello World!'\n",
  "stderr": "",
  "exit_code": "exit status: 0"

As long as the .json() method is used for output, aurae scripts can be piped to jq for easy usage.

~/hello.aurae | jq -r .stdout