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AuraeScript is a turing complete language for platform teams built on Deno.

AuraeScript is a lightweight client that wraps the Aurae Standard Library.

AuraeScript is a quick way to access the core Aurae APIs and follows normal UNIX parlance. AuraeScript should feel simple and intuitive for any Go, C, Python, or Rust programmer.


AuraeScript follows a similar client paradigm to Kubernetes kubectl command. However, unlike Kubernetes this is not a command line tool like kubectl. AuraeScript is a fully supported programing language complete with a systems standard library. The Aurae runtime projects supports many clients, and the easiest client to get started building with is AuraeScript.

Download the static binary directly to your system, and you can begin writing AuraeScript programs directly against a running Aurae server.


  • An extension for use with the Deno JS runtime. To use it, provide it as an argument when instantiating your runtime: