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Contribution Guidelines

Filing issues

  • We exclusively use GitHub Issues for issue tracking.
  • Make a brief search through existing issues to prevent the filing of duplicated issues.
  • The issue should describe:
  • Steps to reproduce.
  • Expected behavior.
  • Experienced behavior.

Creating Pull Requests

  • Make sure that the Pull Request is based on the most recent commit of main.
  • Make sure that the code is formatted according the default settings of rustfmt for Rust, otherwise adhere to the existing coding style.
  • Run the test suite locally before submitting the Pull Request.
  • Use force-push to your branch if you have to update a Pull Request to override old commits.

Review process

Reviews are common practices and ideally each change should be reviewed before it's merged.

A review resulting in comments should be submitted using Request changes to ensure that each comment gets handled explicitly.