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Building Aurae from Source

Checkout the core aurae repository.

Note: Aurae currently only targets support for Linux on X86 architecture.


The Aurae environment has certain dependencies that are expected to be available. Some of them can be installed via commands provided below.

sudo apt-get install -y protobuf-compiler; # Protocol Buffer Compiler
sudo apt-get install -y musl-tools; # musl libc
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential; # gcc compiler
sudo dnf install -y protobuf-compiler; # Protocol Buffer Compiler
sudo dnf install -y musl-gcc; # musl libc
sudo dnf install -y '@Development Tools'; # gcc compiler
yay -S protobuf # Protocol Buffer Compiler
yay -S buf # buf
yay -S musl # musl libc 
yay -S gcc # gcc compiler

Prepare the Environment

First you will need to create authentication certificates and create an ~/.aurae/config file.

make pki config # For quick-start only

Now you can compile and install the toolchain

make all

You can optionally compile and install each binary directly. E.g.,:

make auraed      # compile and install auraed with cargo
make auraescript # compile and install auraescript with cargo

For more commands, and the dependencies between them, please see the Makefile at the root of the repository.