Aurae offers a Turing complete scripting language built on top of TypeScript called AuraeScript. AuraeScript embeds the Deno source code directly, and offers a remote client and SDK to interface directly with Aurae remotely. The AuraeScript library is automatically generated from the .proto files defined in the Aurae Standard Library.

Valid TypeScript files can be leveraged to replace static manifests, as well as interact directly with a running system.

#!/usr/bin/env auraescript
let cells = new runtime.CellServiceClient();

let allocated = await cells.allocate(<runtime.AllocateCellRequest>{
    cell: runtime.Cell.fromPartial({
        name: "my-cell",
        cpus: "2"

let started = await cells.start(<runtime.StartExecutableRequest>{
    executable: runtime.Executable.fromPartial({
        cellName: "my-cell",
        command: "sleep 4000",
        description: "Sleep for 4000 seconds",
        name: "sleep-4000"

See the Full list of working examples for more!