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Aurae Daemon

The Aurae Daemon (auraed) is the main daemon that powers Aurae.

The Aurae Daemon runs as a gRPC server which listens over a unix domain socket by default.


Running Auraed

Running as /init is currently under active development.

To run auraed as a standard library server you can run the daemon alongside your current init system.

sudo -E auraed

Additional flags are listed below.

    auraed [OPTIONS]

        --ca-crt <CA_CRT>            [default: /etc/aurae/pki/ca.crt]
    -h, --help                       Print help information
    -s, --socket <SOCKET>            [default: /var/run/aurae/aurae.sock]
        --server-crt <SERVER_CRT>    [default: /etc/aurae/pki/_signed.server.crt]
        --server-key <SERVER_KEY>    [default: /etc/aurae/pki/server.key]
    -v, --verbose                    
    -V, --version                    Print version information

Building from source

We suggest using the aurae repository for building all parts of the project.

If you intend on building this repository directly you can leverage the Makefile in this repository.


or using Cargo directly

cargo clippy
cargo install --debug --path .